How to Become a Marketing Campaign Specialist

Are you good at getting into specialized areas of marketing campaigns? Can you get the word out in a variety of formats? You’ll have a great future as a marketing campaign specialist.

Job Overview

Marketing campaign specialists work with clients in specific media forms, such as social media. They also work with specific products.

Requirements and Qualifications

In addition to educational and time requirements, you’ll want to spend time building certain qualities that will be helpful in this field. They include communications, social skills, problem-solving, organization and ability to conduct research.

Typical Education

How to Become a Marketing Campaign Specialist

Most marketing campaign specialists work full time, with a third working over 40 hours a week.

Most employers in this field will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, journalism or a similar field. Taking on an internship while you are still in school will provide you with opportunities to build experience, networking contacts and references for your resume. There is a push in the industry for managers in this field to have a master’s degree, which you many want to keep in mind for advancement.

Steps to Become a Marketing Campaign Specialist

After you have completed your educational program, you will complete on-the-job training which may be anywhere from working under a more experienced colleague to a formal program, and may last between one month and one year. You will typically start with basic tasks and be moved into more advanced assignments as you build experience.

Similar Jobs

Maybe you don’t want to specialize this much, or it could be that you don’t want this level of responsibility in your career. That’s fine! Here are some similar career tracks you may find closer to your interest:

  • Good at putting together a great concept to promote a product or service? Advertising and promotions managers oversee the planning and implementation of a company’s product or service promotion.
  • Can you really get the word out there? Marketing managers supervise an organization’s efforts to increase awareness of a product or service.
  • Want to help employees utilize their fringe benefits? Compensation and benefits managers oversee an organization’s benefits to make sure they are competitive and within legal bounds.
  • Good at making sure people follow the rules? Regulatory affairs specialists see that an organization’s internal policies and regulations are followed and audits recorded.
  • Can you find ways to trim waste in any organization? Management analysts observe a company’s operations in an effort to determine places to reduce waste.
  • Are you interested in specific areas of human resources and benefits? Compensation, benefit and job analysis specialists provide benefit programs and analyze jobs for their organization.
  • Good at interpreting financial data for sound investments? Financial analysts study and extrapolate financial data on public and private organizations for investing purposes.
  • Can you spot areas that could leave a company open to legal action? Risk management specialists study an organization’s operations and management to identify problem areas and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Like to ask questions and see people’s perceptions? Survey researchers plan and conduct surveys, interpret data and report the results to their organization or client.
  • Can you make the best of a bad situation? Public relations specialists help clients to create and maintain a better public face.


The average annual pay for a marketing campaign specialist was $60,300 as of 2012, nearly double the average yearly salary for all other career tracks. Most marketing campaign specialists work full time, with a third working over 40 hours a week, especially during deadlines.

Job Outlook

Marketing campaign specialists can expect to see career opportunities increasing faster than the average growth for all career paths at 23% over the next ten years versus 14% for the same time period. Specialists with experience in social and digital media marketing will be more in demand

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