How to Become an Advanced Robotics & Automation Engineer

Advanced robotics is a field that is associated with many engineering and manufacturing industries. Many advanced robotics professionals work directly in the automotive or consumer goods industries maintaining and repairing the machines that keep the system running. Others will work in more advanced industries.

What Is an Advanced Robotics and Automation Engineer?

Bachelor's Degree
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Advanced robotics and automation engineers are highly trained and highly paid professionals. They work with both mechanical and software components to create machines that can be programmed to function on their own. An automotive assembly line is an excellent example of this type of machinery. Many large corporations need to have these automated assembly lines created specific to their product line. The industry is extremely stable and has been growing for a long time. However, specialists do need to keep in mind that much production has been outsourced in recent decades. The field can sometimes require significant amounts of travel.

A broad field, robotics and automation engineering can include everything from the manufacture of small parts to the mass production of complex circuitry. Those that have more complex responsibilities will usually require more experience within the field. There are many areas of robotics and engineering that one can specialize in, including the development of the components, the physical creation of the components and the programming of the code that controls the components. According to O*Net Online, the field is experiencing high rates of growth.

What Does an Advanced Robotics and Automation Engineer Do?

Robotics and automation engineers will usually work for the research, development or engineering departments of a larger corporation. Most small companies will not be able to hire these highly paid specialists. An engineer may be charged with creating an automation system, or they may simply need to maintain it. The maintenance of a system will often include complex troubleshooting procedures, reprogramming of the machines or even the development of new components for the machines.

In the areas of research and development, an engineer may be needed to create machines that work more efficiently or that can more accurately and cost-effectively reproduce designs provided by the design engineers of a company. Overall, the position often carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility but also a high rate of pay and good job mobility.

How Do You Become an Advanced Robotics and Automation Engineer?

There are entry-level positions within this industry. However, the industry is usually extremely educated. Those interested in advanced robotics or automation engineering will usually have a Master’s Degree in engineering, robotics or a related field. They may have a Bachelor’s Degree and some experience instead. The industry provides for a significant amount of growth, and the industry itself is extremely diverse. Those interested in machining automation and consumer goods production may need to meet fewer requirements than those working in more advanced fields. A related field, which has fewer requirements, is the role of automation technician. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field can be entered with an Associate’s Degree or trade certification.

How Do You Advance as an Advanced Robotics and Automation Engineer?

A robotics or automation engineer can advance through the completion of successful and respected products. Advancement may include becoming the head of a department or becoming hired by a larger company. It is not unusual for talented engineers to be offered signing bonuses or to be recruited from other companies. Robotics and automation engineers are critical to the development of many major corporations.

Robotics and automation engineers also have reasonable amounts of mobility within the engineering sector. It is an extremely advanced field, which offers engineers that are well-versed in technology the ability to move into other areas of engineering and robotics development. Robotics engineers may be able to work on breakthrough technology in many advanced firms.

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