How to Become an Enterprise Mobile Developer

Do you like seeing companies provide new mobile applications for their employees to use remotely? Do you see opportunities abounding in the mobile applications market? A career as an enterprise mobile developer may be in your future!

Job Overview

Bachelor's Degree
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An enterprise mobile developer creates business specific software for mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, for use by employees of the company or organization. In the past, mobile developers have helped businesses create applications that help them connect with their customers. Recent trends show that this trend is declining while business apps that increase employees’ productivity are on the rise.

Requirements and Qualifications

Continuing education and research to keep on top of the field is required in this position. A background and experience in software engineering, computer programming, computer languages, mobile application development and similar areas is very helpful on this career path. Familiarity with enterprise application building programs and client management applications may be handy, including Salesforce, Appcelerator, Parse, Stackmob and Kinvey. You’ll typically work in an office environment, though some telecommuting may be possible, especially if you’re freelancing. You may want to improve particular qualities in this position, including analytical and technical skills, communications, customer service, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, being detail oriented and having excellent customer service skills.

Typical Education

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, computer programming, software engineering or a related field is required for this position. Some companies are now requiring a master’s degree for employment, either in computer science or business administration with related computer courses.

Steps to Become an Enterprise Mobile Developer

While you are completing your educational program, you should look for course work that focuses on computer programming, software engineering, computer languages, mobile applications and similar subjects. If you are looking at creating enterprise mobile applications for a specific industry, such as healthcare or finance, you should take courses in those areas as well.

Similar Jobs

If this doesn’t quite sound like what you’re looking for, there are many other options available for you similar to this path. Continue reading for some more ideas.

  • Want to explore technological frontiers? Computer and information research scientists design and create new technology, invent new uses for existing technology and solve problems in business and industrial computers.
  • Good at managing resources? Computer and information systems managers are responsible for planning, implementing, upgrading and maintaining a company’s computer assets.
  • Do you like to build things? Computer hardware engineers plan, design, build and test new computer chips, boards and other hardware pieces.
  • Have a knack for languages? Computer programmers write software programs using an assortment of specific computer languages.
  • Do people find your computer advice helpful? Computer support specialists provide computer problem solving for in-house users and outside clients.
  • Good at solving problems? Computer systems analysts find areas for improvement in existing computer systems and makes recommendations to create better performance.
  • Are you good at managing data? Database administrators keep, manage, secure and retrieve client and business data assets.
  • Want to provide specialized assistance to clients? Information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects
  • Is math your thing? Mathematicians develop innovative mathematical concepts, study to understand connections between mathematical concepts and come up with solutions to real-world applications.


The average annual pay for an enterprise mobile developer is $94,180, nearly three times the annual pay for all jobs on average. Almost all developers work full time with 25% working over 40 hours weekly.

Job Outlook

Enterprise mobile developers can anticipate a much higher opportunity rate than the average of all career paths, predicted at 32% over the next decade. Because this is still a relatively new field, opportunities abound for qualified applicants.

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