How to Become a Sports Arbitrator/Mediator

If you have a passion for the law and love for sports, you may become a sports arbitrator/mediator. Sports arbitrators and mediators work with sports teams to clear up any legal disputes.

What Is a Sports Arbitrator?

A sports arbitrator is usually someone with legal background that takes cases pertaining to sports. These cases may range from breaches of contract to injuries that players sustain while under the direction of their coaches.

How to Become a Sports Arbitrator/Mediator

Sports arbitrators and mediators enter the profession simply by following the same path as ordinary arbitrators but then focusing solely on sports clients.

Sports arbitrators are not an official title but instead a general title for any attorney that specializes within the field of sports. Sports arbitrators may also be sports mediators if they are not legal professionals but instead are skilled counselors dedicated to resolving sports issues.

A sports arbitrator will be required to have the training of a lawyer or mediator but an additional focus within sports. Any mediator or lawyer can become sports-focused as long as they learn the unique legal codes involved within the sector and are willing to become deeply involved within the industry. Sports arbitrators can make large sums of money due to the high profile nature of many of the cases.

What Does a Sports Arbitrator Do?

A sports arbitrator’s usual goal, like a mediator, is to find a beneficial solution for both parties on a legal basis. This often occurs if there has been a breach of contract or if contracts need to be negotiated.

Arbitrators will need to follow the letter of the law as well as their client’s wishes to determine the best course of action. Sports arbitrators also aren’t limited to just sports cases. Arbitrators can also enter into any other area as long as they desire, sports are just a niche that they might wish to follow.

Sometimes a sports arbitrator may not actually have a legal degree but may instead simply be a mediator. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists many of these position, most of which have a relatively high wage and need at least some background of legal experience to qualify for. Mediators and arbitrators are usually required to conduct some form of continuing education and learning process.

How Do You Become a Sports Arbitrator?

Sports arbitrators and mediators enter the profession simply by following the same path as ordinary arbitrators but then focusing solely on sports clients. There may be additional training programs that need to be completed, such as the mediator certification offered by the National Association of Certified Mediators. Otherwise, sports arbitrators simply need to acquire clients through networking and advertising and through yielding continually positive results.

How Do You Advance as a Sports Arbitrator?

A sports arbitrator will usually bill at an hourly basis and can raise their billing rate as they become more in demand. Sports arbitrators that do well and that are able to help their clients find an amiable solution will eventually be sought after and be able to command extraordinarily high rates of pay.

Sports arbitrators can also move into general arbitration and mediation or they may provide these services on the side. Mediators, especially corporate mediators, can become quite successful and can be high in demand.

Otherwise, a sports arbitrator that does not have a legal degree may acquire a legal degree through their already existing legal knowledge. Sports arbitrators may also bolster their income by taking on more clients. As a sports arbitrator bills on an hourly basis, the arbitrator may be able to significantly increase their revenue in this way.

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