How to Become a Business Services Advisor

If you have comprehensive knowledge about business services and love working directly with people, you may be interested in becoming a business services advisor. Business services advisors are often self-employed consultants, but they may also be attached to reputable business service companies.

What Is a Business Services Advisor?

How to Become a Business Services Advisor

Business services advisors will usually advance based on customer satisfaction and the amount of revenue they are able to generate.

Business services advisors specialize in working with a company to offer unique services to a corporation. A business services advisor will often work as a financial advisor to a company, advising the company about special products such as tax and investment products, insurance, securities, real estate and more. An overall business services advisor will function as a consultant to a business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this occupation is closely linked with financial advisory services.

A business services advisor will usually specialize in a specific type of service but may provide a more comprehensive overview in regards to all potential business services. The business services advisor will be very familiar with the product line of their company and will be able to successfully advise the company on the best and most cost-effective solutions for their industry and their unique situation.

What Does a Business Services Advisor Do?

The responsibilities of a business services advisor will depend largely on the type of service they provide. Those that specialize in the areas of finance may have comprehensive product offerings that they can offer their clients, such as retirement funds, cash management accounts, credit lines and more.

Bachelor's Degree
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Insurance advisors may instead focus on business insurance, such as umbrella policies, liability policies and worker’s compensation insurance.

Overall, the job of the business services advisor is to meet the needs of both the company they represent and their clients. They should be trustworthy and honest about their product offerings and find the best solutions for their clients while still pushing the products that their company deems important. They may also be called upon to answer general questions about business services for their clients.

How Do You Become a Business Services Advisor?

Most business services advisors have a certification within their chosen field. These certifications are extremely important, as business services advisors need to be very knowledgeable about the terminology involved with their offerings.

A business services advisor may have an Associate’s Degree or Business Degree, but it is not necessary for all fields. Those in financial management will find a degree more important than those in real estate and insurance services, though it can always help advance an individual’s career. Finally, a services advisor may enter into the business services sector from the personal services sector, especially if they have at least a few years of experience within the industry.

How Do You Advance as a Business Services Advisor?

Business services advisors will usually advance based on customer satisfaction and the amount of revenue they are able to generate. A business services advisor may eventually become a business services supervisor, business services manager or general manager of a business services company.

Those that are extremely knowledgeable about their craft may become a self-employed consultant, working with businesses directly to get them all of the business services they desire. The path that an individual takes depends on the aspects of the job they enjoy the most. Those that want to branch out of business services advisory can go into the related field of personal services or other advisory and consulting services, especially in the area of financial management.

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