How to Become a Director of Creative Services

How to Become a Director of Creative Services

Have great product ideas? Industrial designers plan, design and test new products ideas for manufacturers.

Do you love working with creative people? Are you good at bringing diverse artistic concepts together into a unique and original advertising approach? A career as a director of creative services could be in your future!

Job Overview

A director of creative services guides the creative services department as they conceptualize and oversee the creation and delivery of advertising using a unique approach.

Requirements and Qualifications

In addition to the experience and educational requirements of the job, you may find yourself working long hours, especially as deadlines approach. Qualities you may find helpful to develop during your education include communications, leadership, time management and creativity.

Typical Education

Though you will be able to find some work after finishing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, photography or graphic design, your best bet is to pursue a graduate degree as well typically in business or fine arts. While in school, you should take advantage of art shows and peer reviews to get a better feel for what areas you excel in. You should also begin building your portfolio, a set of samples of your work, while in school so that it is available when you begin pursuing a career.

Steps to Become a Director of Creative Services

After finishing your educational program, you’ll need a few years’ of experience before taking on a director’s position.

Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
Find Related CareersSOURCE: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Your portfolio will also come in handy as interviewers will want to see what you’ve done in the past. Volunteering for additional responsibilities, special projects and administrative tasks will help you advance your career.

Similar Jobs

Maybe you’re not quite certain you want to deal with so many diverse personalities, or perhaps you’d rather look at a career further into the arts and less to do with advertising. That’s okay! Some alternative careers with similar interests are available for you to explore:

  • Are you awesome at making product information into selling points? Advertising and promotion managers oversee the planning and creation of advertising for a variety of media types.
  • Have a creative flair? Craft and fine artists create unique pieces of art for their clients.
  • Do you like life on the catwalk? Fashion designers conceptualize and create unique clothing, accessory and footwear concepts.
  • Want to convey more than mere words? Graphic designers use a variety of techniques to create visual concepts that convey ideas or information.
  • Have great product ideas? Industrial designers plan, design and test new products ideas for manufacturers.
  • Good at making rooms look just so? Interior designers use artistic concepts to create functional, safe, beautiful spaces.
  • Want to create special effects? Multimedia artists and animators use a variety of artistic techniques to create two- and three-dimensional models and special effects.
  • Have a way with a camera? Photographers take still images of a variety of subjects, using shooting techniques and equipment knowledge to create unique photographs.
  • Good at getting it all together? Producers coordinate all aspects of a production, whether film, broadcast or theatrical.
  • Can you create a beautiful backdrop? Set and exhibit designers use a variety of skills to plan and build settings for artistic, historical or educational pieces.


Directors of creative services had an average annual pay of $80,880 in 2012, over twice the average annual pay of all career paths. Individuals in this career track typically work full time hours.

Job Outlook

It is expected that career opportunities for directors of creative services will grow at about the same rate as the average of all career paths, at 9% over the next decade versus a 14% average for all careers over the same time period. Individuals in this field who embrace new digital media opportunities should see more opportunities than those remaining in traditional media.

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