How to Become a Health Services Manager

If you want a job on the top levels of health care, consider a job as a health services manager. This position pays up to $85,000 or more per year in some arenas, and offers a way to work in both business and health care. Similar to a health care administrator, the job of a health services manager is to manage all of the services a health care facility is responsible for, and see to the smooth operation of the facility for which he is in charge.


How to Become a Health Services Manager

The level of education required may vary, according to the facility in which you plan to work.

A Master’s degree is preferred, in Business Administration or Health Care. A Bachelor’s degree may be enough in some situations, as long as the person is highly skilled in management skills and understands the functions and responsibilities assigned to him. The level of education required may vary, according to the facility in which you plan to work. So it might be wise to outline the types of environments you wish to work in, find out what their requirements are, then plan your education accordingly.

Typical Education

A Master’s in Business Administration is preferred, or at least a Bachelor’s. Taking coursework in the health care fields, insurance, management, and other related fields is also highly recommended.

An Alternate Route

If you do not get a formal education, get vast experience as both a manager and expert in the health services industry. This is hard to do without the degree though, so it is strongly advised to get both.

Steps to Becoming a Health Services Manager

If you think you have the business and managerial skills to obtain employment as a health services manager, here are some steps you could take to move toward your goal.

1) Get a Master’s or Bachelor’s in Business Administration. A related field may work as well, but a Master’s in Business is usually preferred, since this degree usually gives you the broadest view of what it takes to be a manager and handle all the important aspects of the business.

2) Learn the health care industry well. Working in a health care environment, such as a hospital, mental health facility, rehabilitation clinic, or other setting will prepare you for the demands of a job as a health services manager. A high level manager position such as this requires a high level of insight into the general operation of a hospital or care facility. The more you can learn about every level of operation, the better you can do your job.

3) Obtain an entry level managerial position as soon as possible. You may have to work into a manager’s position gradually, by starting with being the head of a small department. Once you get in on this level, show them what you can do by being the best you can be. With time, you can ask to move up into a higher position as a manger over several departments, or the entire facility when the position is open. Remember that executives tend to move current managers into these positions, so be a manager at any opportunity, to increase your chances of getting chosen for a higher managerial position later.

4) Get recommendations from college and employment supervisors. One of the best things to do to advance your career is to increase your credibility as a manager. Solicit recommendations from both college teachers and employers who can vouch for you as an efficient manager. This will go a long way toward increasing your career advancement options with other employers in a managerial position.

5) Learn from others in the health care industry. It is wise to "shadow" other people, especially ones who work in managerial positions in the health care fields. Ask to follow another hospital executive around one day to learn what it takes to do the job. This will show you what it takes to do the job and also lets upper management know that you wish to advance.

A health services manager is efficient in a lot of skills, including public relations, health care, and management skills. [glancetools]They have to handle a lot of different situations that come up and be a lot of things to a lot of people. But for someone who loves helping people in the health care industry and who wants to apply their business skills to this helping profession, a career as a health services manager may be the right one for you!

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