How to Become a Media Buyer

Do you want to help a company gain advertising time in a premium time slot? Maybe you want to help set up an organization’s advertising when it will end up in front of the perfect audience? You could have an awesome career as a media buyer! Here are some more details on this career track:

Job Overview

How to Become a Media Buyer

Volunteering for additional responsibilities or projects will help provide advancement opportunities.

A media buyer selects, negotiates and purchases the rate, time and extent of advertising done through a particular media source, whether broadcast, print or digital media. They help a client get the advertising they need by providing knowledge of the system and negotiation skills.

Requirements and Qualifications

The time and educational requirements of this job cover the basics; additional qualities will help you in your career. These qualities include communication and social skills, showing initiative, self-confidence and persistence, and organization, dependability, attention to detail and integrity.

Typical Education

Though some entry level positions do not require a college degree, pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree will give you access to better career opportunities and advancement possibilities which may not be available to someone without a degree. Another opportunity that education provides is an internship, which will provide you with related experience, networking contacts and resume references that you will find helpful.

Steps to Become a Media Buyer

Once you have completed your degree program, you will want to find a position in sales, marketing or advertising as a media buyer. You will go through a training program on the job that may be formal or informal, usually for several months to a year and typically under a more experienced and successful individual in the industry. Volunteering for additional responsibilities or projects will help provide advancement opportunities.

Similar Jobs

Don’t feel comfortable deciding how to implement a client’s advertising time and form? Maybe you just don’t want to work in the advertising side of business. Its fine! Here’s a list of similar career tracks you may want to explore:

  • Is helping businesses succeed your thing? Advertising sales agents provide advertising space to organizations in a range of media forms.
  • Can you help increase a company’s market share? Advertising, promotions and marketing managers all work to increase the public’s knowledge of an organization or sales of product or service.
  • Want to rock out with the stars? Agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes provide monetary and career administration for famous people.
  • Is protecting an individual’s, family’s or business’ assets more up your alley? Insurance sales agents give information to clients, help them select the appropriate insurance products and assist clients with claims from an insured loss.
  • Do you like working with sales representatives to increase a company’s bottom line? Sales managers administer training to new representatives, determine sales objectives and provide management for an organization’s sales department.
  • Do you prefer creating business to business or institution sales relationships? Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives inspect products or services, negotiate contracts and maintain ties with manufacturers and wholesalers and their organization.


As of 2012, $46,290 was the average yearly salary of a media buyer, over 37% higher than the average annual pay of all career paths at $33,840. Over 90% of all media buyers work full time, with opportunities for overtime and some long hours on holidays and some weekends.

Job Outlook

Media buyers can expect to see an approximate 13% increase in job opportunities over the next ten years, very close to the average of all career paths at 14% over the same time period. Being knowledgeable or experienced in up and coming media forms, such as mobile or social media marketing, as well as having a proven record in the industry, will give you the best opportunities.

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