How to Become a Personal Business Coach

If you would like to be a coach, but football and sports if not your game, how about being a coach for businesses and seeing them through to the finish line! That’s right! You can be a personal business coach, and help small or large businesses fulfill their dream of making their idea or business a success. The job requires skills in multiple areas, and requires a "long view" of business that lets you see a long way into the future, so that you can properly advise someone of what they should do next. A personal business coach works on assessing, providing feedback, and advising clients of how to best steer their business to success.

How to Become a Personal Business Coach

If you would like to help up and coming businesses thrive, become a Personal Business Coach.


The best background you could have to be a personal business coach is a degree in Business and experience in a business field. The experience will actually prove more valuable than the degree itself, but without the degree, you will not be able to advance as well as if you have it. Some business coaches are formally "coached" themselves by a coaching organization or philosophy, and some just base their expertise on their own experience.

Typical Education

The traditional education for a personal business coach would be a degree in business. However, they may have a degree in their field of specialty, such as engineering, communications, or a number of other related areas and still be very good as a business coach, provided they work primarily with someone in their area of expertise.

An Alternate Route

Instead of pursuing a degree in business, you could get a degree and/or experience in a specialty area, and then focus on helping those who are in a similar business. You see this weekly on the "Shark Tank" program. Investors from different backgrounds choose to help up and coming entrepreneurs to make their business grow to a new level. They tend to choose people who work in similar niche areas to themselves, because they feel they can better serve those whose areas of business they most understand. In cases when they choose something outside this, they still feel they can add some value to helping them as a business coach due to their own experience and expertise in their own successful businesses. If you get good at something, or specialize in a particular field, you will be of great value to others who wish to enter this same market.

Steps to Becoming a Personal Business Coach

If you would like to help up and coming businesses thrive, reach new heights of growth and production, or contribute to overall economic growth, and work alongside entrepreneurs, perhaps being a personal business coach is the career for you. If you do decide it’s a good option, here are some possible steps to take to achieve your goals:

1) Get a degree in business or a field of specialty. You can probably achieve what you want to either way. There is a need for a solid business background, just it is also important to know your field. If you excel in a certain field, focus on this and market yourself as an expertise in a specialty area.

2) Start and maintain a successful business. If you have a successful, thriving business, this is the best way to tell others you know how to do it. You can point to your business as an example of how you achieved growth and success for your own venture, and this will make people want to entrust their own business with you.

3) Market yourself as a business coach. Once you have had some success for a few years in business for yourself, branch out and help others make their businesses work. This will build credibility for you as an expert at helping businesses succeed and you will be able to help others. You could even start your own consulting firm for local businesses, or market yourself on the internet.

4) Get an M.B.A. If you increase your education, sometimes you will increase your value in the eyes of business owners. A person with an M.B.A. is considered, as the degree states, "a master in business administration." And that is exactly what is needed of a personal business coach. So after you have worked awhile in a field or in business, consider proceeding with your education on the master’s level for added clout. You could get this degree on top of your specialty degree or a Bachelor’s in Business.

5) Don’t limit yourself to local markets. Go global. Some people are making a fortune as a business consultant and people pay personal business coaches, as well as life coaches a small fortune to help them with their life challenges or business ventures. If you can be the voice of help in their lives, you may find a road to wealth as a business coach or consultant, if you think big. Market online to get the biggest potential audience. You could also create audiobooks or eBooks, advising people of your business ideas, without even going to their location!

Being a personal business coach is a rewarding career. It takes someone who can think on both a local and global scale, someone who is good at business and enjoys helping others achieve success, and someone who can see the big picture. If you think this is a career for you, start with an education! Get a Business degree or degree in a specialty field, become the best at it, then market your abilities to help others in a similar fashion. Best of luck in your career as a personal business coach! But remember, you don’t need luck if you’re good!

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