How to Become a Physician Group Administrator

A physician group administrator is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of a group of doctors who work together in a clinic, practice, or hospital. They are skilled in a lot of areas and have the physicians’ groups’ best interests at heart. Sometimes this position is called a medical practice administrator.


How to Become a Physician Group Administrator

Using your business degree in the medical field is an attractive career move for many.

The requirements for a physician group administrator is usually an M.B.A. or upper level business degree from an accredited institution. Someone seeking this position should be highly skilled in managerial abilities, coupled with a desire to work with physicians and medical professionals and play an important part in the helping professionals of health care services.

Typical Education

The typical education for a physician group administrator is an M.B.A. in Business Administration or at least a Bachelor’s degree. The level of education expected will often depend upon the requirements in the facility in which you plan to work so it might help to check on this ahead of time, and plan your education accordingly.

An Alternate Route

The Master’s is always preferred with a high level position such as physician group administrator. There is a great deal of responsibility and managerial skill required in this position. So the more you know about general management, the health care profession, and the issues that matter most to doctors, the better you will perform in this role.

Steps to Becoming a Physician Group Administrator

In order to become an effective physician group administrator, be a good manager, and know as much as you can about the health care industry. Here are some solid steps to take to make your dream a reality:

1) Obtain a Master’s degree in Business or related field. The Master’s in Business or Business Administration is the most important aspect of preparing for a career in this area. You are first and foremost, a manager, who has the best interests of a group of physicians at heart. An M.B.A. would best prepare you for the managerial aspects of the job.

2) Work on interpersonal and communications skills. Managing a physicians’ group takes strategy and communications ability. You have to deal with communicating regularly with the doctors, who are often busy and rushed, as well as the general public, and other entities who work or have a business relationship with the doctors.

3) Work on computer skills. In addition to the more obvious interpersonal communications skills needed to serve in this capacity, you need to have a keen sense of computer technology. Doctors are considered one of the groups of professionals who most need improvements in technology use and communication. As a physicians’ group administrator,

Bachelor's Degree
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you can be at the forefront of helping doctors reach this goal. More effective use of technology can help improve their customer relations with patients and improve their overall image with the public. There are also many new software programs and "sensor type applications" which can aid doctors in helping their patients to address or diagnose medical issues. Knowing computer skills can put you ahead of the game when you use these skills in your role as an administrator.

4) Network with physicians. You will have a better chance of being successful if you develop friendships and professional relationships with doctors. Many doctors consider their group administrators a friend and include them in many social engagements. This will also improve your level of credibility if they see you as a peer and know that you care about their business.

5) Get references from others in the medical field. When you are first starting out, you will need references from others in the medical field. So get any experience you can at first, then ask for references from former doctors or employers to improve your chances.

Using your business degree in the medical field is an attractive career move for many. Being able to help a physicians’ group move up and improve their practice, and being an advocate for some of the best doctors has appeal. If you would like to work in the health profession, but you don’t have what it takes to be a doctor, you could work on a career as a physicians’ group administrator! The first steps is to enroll in a college program and get your M.B.A. So what are waiting for?

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