How to Become a Project Manager

How to Become a Project Manager

The single most important aspect become a Project Manager is to obtain a degree from an accredited four-year college.

Have you ever thought about becoming a project manager? They can work in a variety of different work environments, and tend to gravitate to a field that they know well. For example, you could serve as a project manager in construction if you have a background in excavation or construction work. If you have architectural background, you could serve as a project manager in building blueprinting or other related projects. Some project managers do not even have a formal education, but if you wish to make it a career, it is recommended that you choose a specific field, get good at it, and work as a project manager in your chosen area.


The qualifications for a career project manager are a Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Associate’s degree in your chosen field, so that you become somewhat of a specialist in your area. Then you would need lots of experience in leadership roles so that people will see you an effective director and manager of a project. Some people actually major in the field of Project Management and obtain a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in this field itself.

Typical Education

The typical education for someone who specializes in project management is a four-year degree in Project Management or a specialty area, plus coursework in project management.

An Alternate Route

Someone could technically work as a project manager in a number of different projects and organizations, provided the people who are in charge of such events and projects view them as trustworthy to handle the job. But if you want to work as a head project manager in a specific field, corporation, organization, or environment, you need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the area which you wish to work or a degree in Project Management.

Steps to Becoming a Project Manager

If you wish to work as a project manager, here are some important steps you could take.

1) Get a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Project Management. The main way people become project managers, especially in the field of architecture or construction, as well as a few other fields, is to major in Project Management. There is actually a field that focuses on this so you could try this route if you are interested in focusing on the management aspect of projects of different kinds.

2) Get a Bachelor’s or Master’s in your field then learn to manage projects in your discipline area. Another route you could take is to focus instead on your area of expertise, then get really good at leading projects in this area. Any directing experience in church or civic projects that you have done could go a long way toward teaching you the skills you need.

3) Gain experience in actual project management on any level. Leading projects in your church, community, and/or civic organization, being the leader of a Boy Scouts’ or Girl Scouts’ Troop, or other experiences can teach you skills you need to be an effective project manager.

4) Create a portfolio of your work and projects you do. Your portfolio you create after the completion of projects can serve as proof of your ability to run and lead successful projects. So keep a portfolio of your projects to show others and potential businesses.

5) Network with companies who are project-oriented. Communicate with businesses and companies who might need the services of a project manager in the future. This will keep the lines of communication open in the event there is a job opening in this area.

These are some of the ways you can begin your career as a project manager. As mentioned many times before, there’s more than one way to achieve your goals. You can either start by focusing on the process of project management or the focus can be on your area of expertise and work from there. Either way, the single most important aspect is to obtain a degree from an accredited four-year college. Start by enrolling online to get the best education you can, then think about what you do well and go for it! There are many projects waiting. All they need is a manager to lead the way!

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