How to Become a Sports Promoter

If you love to be on the scene and enjoy the sports arena, you may want to become a sports promoter. Sports promoters get to be a part of many fantastic events and get to contribute to moments in history.

What Is a Sports Promoter?

A sports promoter is a promoter that specializes specifically in sports entertainment. Promoters of all types usually take a commission for the promotion of an event. Many promoters run their own company and many companies consist of either one or a few promoters that are the central talent of the agency.

Promoters are skilled individuals that are able to fill entertainment venues and able to market different events effectively.

A good sports promoter will be extremely consistent with their results and will plan their events appropriately. A sports promoter may be responsible for the planning of the event or they may simply be responsible for the marketing of it. Either way, a sports promoter needs to be very knowledgeable about their craft. Most sports promoters will have experience within the industry.

What Does a Sports Promoter Do?

The sports promoter will usually either work for their own company or under another promotion company. When approached by a client, the promoter will consult with the client to determine the best venue and the best dates and places for the event. Once this has been appropriately discussed the promoter will begin promoting the event through a series of advertising and marketing channels.

Many promoters, especially local promoters, will have connections throughout the local scene that make it very easy to distribute information. Promoters may become known to the public and the public may look to a certain brand of promoters for a certain level of quality event.

Overall, the role of promoter is extremely important. The promoter is essentially offering a promise that the event will go well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those within the promotional fields usually have a high rate of pay.

How Do You Become a Sports Promoter?

Sports promoters can have an educational background in sales, marketing, sports or other related fields. Other than this, a sports promoter usually needs to have at least a few years within the industry.

Sports promoters may begin working in entry-level positions for companies or may work directly under a promoter. Some promoters may build themselves from the ground up on a self-employed basis by promoting small events that build into larger ones.

Sports promoters don’t necessarily have to have an education if they have experience in the industry. Sports promotion is an area that is primarily based around results, and if a promoter shows that they can fill an event they will usually become successful.

However, the greatest promoters usually will have some form of degree or a great amount of experience within the industry. Sports promoters are also required to have many connections within the sports industry.

How Do You Advance as a Sports Promoter?

Advancement as a sports promoter is primarily judged by success. If promoters are successful at their job and can regularly fill events, they will eventually acquire more clients. However, the promoter will need to be very diligent in marketing themselves. Promoters have to sell themselves as their main product and need to network extensively to get access to the events that pay the most.

Promoters often work on a commission basis, which means higher rates of pay need to be secured through the acquisition of larger venues and larger accounts. Sports promoters can also go into other careers that are related to marketing. According to O*Net Online, there are many highly paid positions within the marketing, sales and service industry.

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