How to Become a Staffing Manager

If you’re excellent at discussing difficult things with individuals and a career in the field of human resources excites you, you may be a staffing manager in the making. Staffing managers are specialists that deal with all aspects of employee relations within large companies.

What Is a Staffing Manager?

A staffing manager is a human resources specialist that is involved in all aspects of employee staffing. The staffing manager will be responsible for letting employees go, handling retirement issues, training new employees, recruiting new employees and even retaining and rewarding existing employees. Staffing managers often develop professional relationships with the employees of a company and are ultimately responsible for keeping them satisfied and appropriately compensated for their work.

Staffing managers often need to wear many hats, especially in larger companies. Many staffing managers will need to deal with many employee issues throughout a day. Some of these issues can be as simple as managing retirement fund additions and as complex as handling employee disputes and complaints. Staffing managers need to be very knowledgeable about laws, regulations and safety standards and ensure that the company meets all regulatory compliance.

What Does a Staffing Manager Do?

Staffing managers are required to meet the standards of their company, whatever these may be. Some companies may specialize staffing managers in certain areas of staff management, such as hiring. Others may have a single staff manager or a handful of staff managers to deal with all staffing issues. Staffing managers will often need to deal with day-to-day staffing issues while performing regular tasks such as an analysis of the company’s compensation packages and negotiations with benefit providers.

Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
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Sometimes, a staffing manager will go to job fairs or seminars as a part of their recruitment proceedings. Other staffing managers will create college programs to find the best talent for their company. Overall, the role of a staffing manager is to do their best to find their company the best employees and to retain these employees while remaining within the company’s budget for compensation.

How Do You Become a Staffing Manager?

Staffing managers will usually have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources as well as a few years of experience. They may also have certification through a professional association, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to this, experts in the field of staffing should be extremely personable and have excellent social skills.

Those within this specialization will need to speak with many people throughout the day, and may sometimes need to tackle difficult topics. Certification and training is critical for a staffing manager, as staffing managers need to be aware of certain things that could impact the company on a legal or competitive basis. This includes safety regulations and employee benefits packages.

How Do You Advance as a Staffing Manager?

Staffing managers will advance by showing that they can effectively manage the staffing of their company while limiting any financial damage to the company and staying within the budget. Staffing managers that wish to be successful will need to consistently show their leadership skills. Eventually, a staffing manager may be moved into a managing other staffing associates or become the human resources manager of the entire department. Staffing managers should maintain a positive atmosphere at their company and be able to relate directly with the other employees. Networking through companies such as the Society for Human Resources Management can also help a human resources professional grow on a professional basis and eventually acquire better and more lucrative positions within their chosen field.

How to Become a Staffing Manager

Staffing managers often need to wear many hats, especially in larger companies.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in a career within the human resources industry as a staffing manager, you can fill out an online form to get more information right away.

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