How to Become a Web & Digital Media Manager

Are you interested in the legal, technical and workforce requirements of managing a business’ digital media resources? Can you direct a workforce in maintaining and upgrading an organization’s web and digital resources? You could have a great career as a web and digital media manager! Let’s learn more:

Job Overview

As a web and digital media manager, you will be responsible for working and coordinating with other departments as well as with your own team. You will need to estimate and manage projects, often on several projects at a time, as well as keep them on schedule by optimizing development processes.

Requirements and Qualifications

How to Become a Web & Digital Media Manager

Career opportunities for web and digital media managers is expected to have growth of about 18% over the next ten years.

Web and digital media managers often work long hours, and sometimes must operate under stressful conditions when new assets are put into place and when things go wrong. In addition to the educational requirements, there are a number of qualities you will want to develop which you will find helpful in this position. Among them are analytical thinking, technical knowledge, decision making, leadership, being organized and having strong communication skills.

Typical Education

Most jobs in this field require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, with an increasing number of organizations requiring a master’s degree. If available, taking an internship while still in school will help you build excellent networking contacts, resume references and career relevant experience.

Steps to Become a Web and Digital Media Manager

Once you have finished your degree program, you will need to work in the field for several years before attaining a position as a web and digital media manager. Willingness to tackle special projects or take on additional responsibilities are excellent ways to show your supervisor that you have leadership and management potential.

Similar Jobs

Not ready for this level of responsibility? Or maybe you’re just not that interested in digital media. If this just doesn’t quite sound like your cup of tea, that’s fine! Here are some related fields that may be more to your liking:

Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
Find Related CareersSOURCE: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Want to help figure out ways to make an organization’s computer assets perform better? Computer systems analysts study existing computer systems and determine ways to improve it.
  • Are you good at maintaining systems? Database administrators store, retrieve, maintain and secure organizational and client data.
  • Want to specialize in a particular computer field? Information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects provide specialized assistance to organizations wanting to maximize their computer assets.
  • Interested in promoting public awareness of an organization, brand or theme? Marketing directors are responsible for advertising, promotional or marketing campaigns to increase their organization’s public market share.
  • Want to set up times, places and forms of advertising for clients? Media buyers negotiate contracts for their clients in a range of media advertising.
  • Would you like to conceptualize multi-media advertising campaigns? Media planners devise the most effective ways to convey an organization’s message in a variety of media forms.


A web and digital media manager averaged about $81,140 per year in 2012, more than double the average annual pay for all careers at that time. The highest paying sectors in this field are computer system design, finance and insurance, manufacturing and government. Approximately 90% of the work force in this field works full time, with almost a quarter working over 50 hours per week.

Job Outlook

Career opportunities for web and digital media managers is expected to have growth of about 18% over the next ten years, a little higher than the average of all career paths at 14% for the same period of time. It is expected that staying on top of changes in technology, including mobile and cloud computing, will provide the best range of opportunities.