How to Become an Advertising Manager

Do you have a skill for making items appealing or desirable? Are you good at coordinating the efforts of a group of creative individuals? You could have a great future as an advertising manager! Here are some more details:

Job Overview

How to Become an Advertising Manager

Most employers will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Advertising managers help investigate, plan and implement new advertising campaigns. They work with other managers to negotiate contracts, products to promote and what type of advertising media to use. They inspect and select advertising layouts, start market studies and interpret their results, produce pricing strategies, provide technical or marketing advice to clients through meetings, oversee daily operations of the advertising department at a firm or organization and are responsible for the hiring and training of employees in their department.

Requirements and Qualifications

Working as an advertising manager can mean long hours and and a stressful environment while trying to reach deadlines. They typically work in an office environment and may spend some time traveling to meetings with clients or communications specialists. Qualities important to work in advertising management include having good analytical skills, creativity, management abilities, having good social and interpersonal skills and being able to make effective decisions.

Typical Education

Most employers will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing or advertising, with coursework in market studies, consumer mentality, sales, communications and photography.

Steps to Become an Advertising Manager

After finishing your degree program, you will need several years’ experience and on the job training in advertising before being promoted to a management position. Willingness to take on additional responsibilities and projects will help you win the respect of those supervising you, leading to new opportunities.

Similar Jobs

Not quite the career path you want to get into? That’s okay! Here are some alternative careers that have similar requirements and interests:

Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
Find Related CareersSOURCE: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Great at selling ideas? Advertising sales agents sell space for advertisements in publications, websites or broadcast media.
  • Are you good at pulling together different ideas into one cohesive concept? Art directors keep a variety of artistic visions on task to create a unified idea.
  • Can you talk to a large number of people about a product? Demonstrators or product promoters provide samples, coupons and information on products at stores or special events to increase interest in it.
  • Good at following rules and catching mistakes? Editors conceptualize, review and alter written content prior to being published.
  • Like to work with images and information? Graphic designers use a variety of techniques to convey information and stories through unique visual concepts.
  • Are you good at figuring out what people want? Market research analysts observe market issues to determine how well received a product will be.
  • Good at putting a good spin on events? Public relations specialists help businesses and individuals establish and preserve a good public profile.
  • Can you keep salespeople on task and take care of administrative needs? Sales managers set sales targets, study information and train salespeople for a company.
  • Good at writing about specific details? Technical writers provide writing for instruction manuals, specifications and other technical information for products and projects.
  • Have a way with words? Writers and authors create unique writing for a variety of publications, whether for media, print or online.


The average annual pay for advertising managers was $83,890 as of May 2010, approaching three times the average of all career paths. Advertising managers typically work full time, with 19% of all managers working over 50 hours per week.

Job Outlook

It is expected that advertising managers will see a similar increase in opportunities to the average of all career paths. New opportunities in digital and social network marketing will provide continuing increases in this career path, especially for those who are familiar with them.

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