How to Become an Advertising Salesperson

Are you good at creating new advertising concepts? Can you sell anyone anything anywhere? You could have a great career as an advertising salesperson!

Job Overview

Advertising salespeople find new clients, sell advertising in a variety of media, give sales presentations, handle paperwork and correspondence and deliver advertising proofs.

Requirements and Qualifications

How to Become an Advertising Salesperson

The average annual pay for advertising salespeople was $46,290 in 2012.

With most people in this industry working full time and many working overtime, a position in sales can be stressful. In addition to the long hours, evening, weekend and holiday work may be required, as well as travel to meet new clients. Your pay can depend on how many sales you’ve made recently. Among qualities you will want to develop as an advertising salesperson, communications, interpersonal skills and social skills are the most paramount. Other qualities to develop include initiative, perseverance, organization, self confidence, dependability, integrity and attention to detail.

Typical Education

Strong competition in this field makes having a bachelor’s degree a significant advantage for a job seeker. You should look for a major or coursework including communications, advertising, marketing and business. Having a degree is virtually required for advancement in this field.

Steps to Become an Advertising Salesperson

With your degree program behind you, you’ll have some amount of on the job training, typically under a manager with significant experience. The manager or supervisor will observe the salesperson and make suggestions to improve their rapport with customers. Sometimes outside instructors will be brought in to provide additional training to an entire team. By building a record of strong sales and proven leadership, opportunities will become available for advancement.

Similar Jobs

Maybe selling concepts just isn’t your thing, or perhaps it’s just that sales is not for you. That’s all right! Here are some similar career paths you may want to explore:

    High School or GED
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  • Are you good at keeping people motivated and working? Advertising, promotions and marketing managers oversee others in their department to generate interest in the company, product or service.
  • Can you help people protect themselves and their homes? Insurance sales agents provide customers with insurance policies and help answer their questions.
  • Good at keeping a sales force on task? Sales managers train sales representatives, set sales objectives and provide administrative oversight to their department.
  • Like to work with large contracts? Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives help companies generate new business by negotiating contracts with other companies or organizations.
  • Want to work with celebrities? Agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes arrange contracts and oversee business dealings for these individuals.
  • Do you like helping people make their dreams come true? Loan officers qualify people and organizations for loans, process paperwork and oversee repayment.
  • Can you put a good spin on a bad situation? Public relations specialists help create and cultivate the public face of a business, organization or individual.
  • Good at accentuating the positives? Copywriters create advertising content on a variety of items or services.
  • Want to help people see the world? Travel agents make travel arrangements, book tours and make changes for travelers.


The average annual pay for advertising salespeople was $46,290 in 2012, significantly higher than the average of all occupational tracks. With most advertising salespeople working full time hours, you can also expect to see some work over weekends and holidays as deadlines draw near. Most people in this field receive some portion of their pay in the form of bonuses and commissions.

Job Outlook

The career outlook for advertising salespeople is expected to grow at about the same rate as the average of all career paths at about 13% over the next decade. Having knowledge or experience in digital and social media marketing is expected to see more opportunities over more traditional advertising venues.

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