How to become an Information Security Analyst

How to become an Information Security AnalystThe computer field is a heavily sought after occupation. Along with computer technologies come careers offering security of the information put into these computers. Information Security Analyst careers are what is going to help keep private and sensitive information secure.

Responsibilites of an Informational Security Analyst 
Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
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An information security analyst protects and keeps sensitive data secure. The information security analyst implements measures to ensure that companies are in compliance of their policies, set in place to help protect the company’s sensitive information from being breached and used for nefarious purposes.

An Informational Security Analyst works diligently to stop damaging use of data. They design plans to use in computer-related emergencies. They train users on all security measures and monitor whom in or outside the company has access to sensitive information. This professional must know about all possible computer program viruses that may threaten their respective systems.

Education Requirements

This career is becoming more in demand each year as large and small companies utilize increasing amounts of data within their local computer systems and data wearhouses. To consider a career as an informational security analyst one must typically obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. A bachelor’s degree in a related field may also acceptable.

In either case if one has a Master’s degree, it is the icing on the cake. More doors of opportunity open to the person who has a Master’s degree. Pay is higher, around $80,000 annually, as are increased benefits. Employers will look for prior experience of the professional being considered, in the field of IT systems for at least five years.

An informational security analyst must keep gaining up to date knowledge all the time in order to be a step ahead of cunning cyber attackers. This professional must learn patience and have a sharp intelligence to find out where and when the breaching of sensitive information took place and be able to patch all holes in the system.

Personal Qualities of an Information Security Analyst

The person who is looking at a career as an informational security analyst needs to ask him or herself if they have the following qualities to become a success in this occupational field.

  • Good analytical skills
  • Be able to concentrate
  • Strong self-confidence
  • To think creatively
  • Be orientated to detail
  • Have patience on the job
  • They must not get stressed and stay calm in all situations, including emergencies
  • They must have extraordinary customer service skills
  • They must be a strong leader
  • This person must be highly organized
  • Have astute problem solving skills
  • They must not be a loaner
  • They must be a good listener and excellent communicator
  • Be a team player

Become an Informational Security Analyst

The informational security analyst will need to take baby steps up the ladder of increased responsibilities to reach this ultimate goal. First, this professional must enter the field of an IT professional.

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Strongly consider a master’s degree in computer science
  • Strive to become a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator
  • Strive to earn a certification so that doors of opportunity will open to a desktop or technical computer support position
  • Rise to a Network or Systems Administrator position
  • Set sights on an IT Manager or IT Director Position

In conclusion, a career as an informational security analyst is not possible without certain qualities, education and experience to back the person.  However, becoming an information security analyst can lead to a lucrative and rewarding career.

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