How to Become a Homeland Security Agent

It has been the priority of the United States Government to protect America from terrorist threats and attacks. Attacks of terror have changed the United States’ approach to defense, including the way the American populace lives, works and travels.

Soon after 9/11, the United States felt it of dire emergency that the formulation of the Department of Homeland Security is expanded and further developed. In fact, there are nearly 200,000 homeland security agents, as of 2013. There are thousands more agents working in homeland security through private agencies.

As the threats of terror and unrest increases throughout the globe, more homeland security agents are going to be in demand in all branches of this department. The need for homeland security agents is predicted to increase over the next ten years. This amazing career choice offers an abundance of job possibilities. Options in this career arena are exceedingly wide and varied.

What is a Homeland Security Agent?

A homeland security agent is farily straightforward – this professional helps to protect all borders of the United States. This professional takes specialized training to detect and deter threats to the USA. This agent will analyze intelligence reports preventing threats to the United States, both demestic and foreign.

epending upon what department the agent chooses to serve within, they will secure all seaports, waterways airports and borders. The homeland security agent must decide upon what career path triggers their interest as there are many varied departments in homeland security, such as:

  • Customs Investigator
  • Diplomatic Security
  • Homelands Security Special Agent
  • United States Marshall
  • Secret Service
  • FBI
  • Security Police Officer
  • State Police Officer

Who Employs Homeland Security Agents?

There are many branches of Homeland Security. Once this professional holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Criminal Justice all they need to do is apply for the department they want to work. A career in homeland security is not easy to attain, but once the professional agent lands a job where they desire the benefits cannot compare to any other occupation.

This professional has many agencies that employe Homeland Security personnel, including: the United States Secret Service, Immigration Services, Federal Protective Service, United States Capital Police, Federal Bureau of InvestigationTransportation Security Administration and Park Services.

Successful Homeland Security Agent Characteristics

Before a student enters into college courses with a goal of being a professional Homeland Security Agent, he or she must be sure they have the personality for this profession. You would be a good match for this profession if they can say they:

  • Are impeccably reliable
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have excellent judgment
  • Always carries a calm demeanor
  • Are computer savvy
  • Are cunningly intelligent
  • Are in excellent physical condition
  • Are up to date on the latest technologies
  • Are physically and mentally strong

Required Education

If you are interested in working within the arena of homeland security, a four-year course in criminal justice is generally required – which is a great start towards this goal. A few of the Homeland Security courses that may be helpful in your learning include:

  • Understanding terrorism
  • Organizational and Facility Security
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Introduction to Emergency Management
  • Introduction to Intelligence

An aspiring Agent typically must complete a four-year Criminal Justice program from an accredited university. A bachelor’s degree is required; however, a master’s degree opens more doors of opportunity in Homeland Security.

Overall, becoming a Homeland Security Agent is a very important, rewarding and honorable position – defending the country and ensuring safety to citizens.

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