How to Become a College English Teacher

HBEU06To become a college English teacher, individuals need to put in a lot of hard work and study. The fact is, English teachers at any level must have a strong command of the language, but also must be able to communicate with students to teach them these sometimes difficult tasks. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for those who are passionate about this subject. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, for the period of 2010 through 2020, an expected growth rate of 17 percent is likely in the field of post secondary teachers. More than 305,000 jobs will be necessary.

Job Duties of an English Teacher in College
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At the college level, English teachers will spend most of their time teaching material at a more advanced level. This will include more in-depth analyzation of written works as well as improvement in writing skill. Most teachers will work in public or private universities as nearly all degree programs require several years of English study. In addition, many will participate in and conduct research. Some will publish scholarly papers while others write books.

Steps on How to Become a College English Teacher

To become a college teacher in the English field, individuals will need to get the right level of training. Additionally, students will need to sit for and pass the state educational certificate as a requirement. The following is the general course path that individuals are likely to take to work at the college level in this field.

  • Meet the educational requirements of your state for obtaining a college degree and teaching certificate. This includes obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree in education. Hold a primary focus in English studies.
  • Obtain your teaching certificate by sitting for the state mandated test. This process often requires continuing education as well.
  • Earn your master’s degree in English studies. Nearly all English teachers are required to work towards earning a master’s degree. Most work in a high school setting during this time.
  • Work towards earning your doctoral degree. Most postsecondary teachers have a PhD. This makes you more in demand within the job field and it is something many college professors work towards earning if they do not enter the position with one. Most universities require this prior to hiring.

Work experience is often important as well. However, there is no set amount of time that a student will need to study or work in the field prior to be eligible to work as a professor in a college setting.

Generally, students will enter as an assistance professor, work to earning an associate professor degree, and finally work to earn tenure to be a full professor. However, at each of these stages, the student is working as a college English teacher.

Mastering Education

One of the key components to getting from a bachelor’s degree to a masters and to a doctoral degree is to utilize online education. Accredited schools are available that can help students to obtain any level of degree in the educational field. These are schools recognized by the state as accredited providers.

As the Princeton Review indicates, earning your college professor tenure is a very difficult process. PhD education is nearly always required and can take four to six years to complete. Throughout this process individuals may find it difficult to work and earn income. However, those students working with a bachelors or masters degree in high school settings are able to utilize the benefits of online education to help them to excel.

Those who are passionate about English studies and plan to write while teaching may wish to become English teachers at the college level. The process can be very beneficial and rewarding overall because of how important this type of work can be.

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