How to Become an Information Systems Manager

An information systems manager is an experienced IT professional who operates as a lead on projects and designs. Most information systems managers have significant amounts of experience within their field and will find themselves well-compensated within their profession.

What Is an Information Systems Manager?

Bachelor's Degree
More than 5 years
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Information systems managers will analyze the information technology structure of a company and plan and coordinate any upgrades or modifications to the system. Information systems managers will often have a team of IT professionals that help them implement any changes. IT managers have a median pay of $115,780 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the job outlook of the position is about average.

IT managers usually work for larger corporations and they often take the place of an IT consulting firm. They may sometimes work with outside consultants to meet with specific needs of the company. IT managers usually will not handle troubleshooting issues or help desk issues on their own, but will instead delegate this to lower level staff members. Most IT managers will have at least five years of experience within their field.

What Does an Information Systems Manager Do?

An IT manager will first identify the needs and goals of their company and then they will determine whether their current IT infrastructure supports these needs. If it does, the IT manager may simply proceed to administer and manage the system. If it does not, however, the IT manager will implement changes in the system within the company’s budget. A systems manager will periodically reconsider their options and whether the IT infrastructure is still appropriately meeting the needs of the company.

IT managers need to be extremely knowledgeable as they need to be able to determine the benefits of upgrading systems and whether it is cost-effective and will ultimately increase the company’s bottom line. Managers will need to be current on the newest technology and able to manage other IT professionals as their staff members. Most IT managers will work with systems analysts, software developers and support specialists in the course of their work.

How Do You Become an Information Systems Manager?

An information systems manager usually has an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field. This is not strictly necessary, but those that do not have an educational background will usually need to have more experience. Information systems managers come from a variety of backgrounds, but they will usually have at least five years of experience in network administration, systems administration, network analysis or systems analysis.

Information systems managers can be promoted from within or can seek to secure a position within the industry when they feel ready. An IT manager can move from a technology firm into a private enterprise with the appropriate amount of experience. IT managers will need to be motivated, determined and able to lead a team of other experienced professionals for the benefit of their company.

How Do You Advance as an Information Systems Manager?

Information systems managers are extremely skilled professionals that have very high levels of pay. Consequently, most of the opportunities to advance as an IT manager includes gaining seniority within a company rather than moving into another position. the field of computer systems management and information systems management has a very bright outlook according to O*Net Online, and those successful within the field may want to develop their career further within it.

IT managers can make as much as $120,950 on an annual basis as they develop their skills further and gain seniority within their company. They can also move to larger companies and more prestigious companies as their experience grows.

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