How to Become a Web Programmer

How to Become a Web ProgrammerWeb programmers design and develop web applications and websites, from ordinary corporate websites to eCommerce portals. Becoming a web programmer is usually a little simpler than entering into other programming fields, and the field offers a lot of flexibility.

What Is a Web Programmer?

Bachelor's Degree
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Web programmers are highly talented and motivated individuals who use programming languages to create, modify and test web applications. These web applications may be anything from an eCommerce portal to an online game to a Software as a Service management system. Many web programmers are self-taught or self-trained, and many of them work on their own through their own companies. Web programming is a quickly growing industry and web developers as a whole have a mean annual wage of $66,100 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many web programmers are also web designers or web developers, and many of them know multiple programming languages. Most web programmers can also manage databases and know database-oriented languages such as SQL. They also often double as webmasters or web administrators for their clients.

What Does a Web Programmer Do?

A web programmer usually starts with specifications about how a web application needs to work, similar to how a programmer for systems applications would operate. Once a programmer has these specifications in hand they will develop a framework for the web application and develop it in stages according to their design process. Programmers will usually test their product as they go and may need to make changes to their specification sheet as necessary.

Programmers may work on teams or they may work entirely independently, depending on the scope of the project and whether the programmer is working with a company or not. When working in teams, programmers will often segregate a program into different modules which are worked on separately and then integrated together to create a whole application.

How Do You Become a Web Programmer?

Many web programmers are entirely self-trained, which makes it a very unique field. Other programmers have an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in programming or web development, but it is not strictly necessary for those that are interested in pursuing work within the industry. Web programmers need to know how to construct the framework of an application and they need to be current on the newest types of programming theory and technology.

Web programmers can be hired by programming firms, but many of them simply begin programming on their own and generating their own client base. This can be done through a variety of means both online and offline. Web programmers that work on their own often need to use networking opportunities to develop a clientele that can support their operations. Programmers that work for companies will often work on complex applications with other team members, very similar to applications programmers.

How Do You Advance As a Web Programmer?

Most web programmers work as freelancers in their own sole proprietorship companies. This offers web programmers many opportunities for advancement by expanding their client base and even by hiring more web programmers and more web developers. Programmers that work for development companies can advance as a programmer by taking on more complex projects and eventually by heading their own programming departments.

Web programmers can also move into other related fields such as applications programming. Overall, systems and applications programmers tend to make more than web programmers, which can make this a wise career move. Web programmers and applications programmers both have very stable job prospects and the industries are projected to show high growth throughout the coming years. Web programmers can also become web administrators. While this field has slower than average growth, the median salary is $81,140 according to O*Net Online.

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