How to Become a Social Media Architect

Social media architects are advanced marketing professionals who understand the benefits and intricacies of social media platforms. Many social media architects are either IT professionals or web professionals who have experience within the advertising industry.

What Is a Social Media Architect?

A relatively new field, social media architects construct social media for use by business professionals, small businesses and large corporations. Social media is rapidly becoming an extremely important part of marketing and company reputation and O*Net Online notes that the corresponding industry, social marketing strategists, has a very bright outlook. Many companies need to aggressively manage their online reputations to best suit their desired image and branding. A social media architect understands the multitude of different social media platforms and how to best utilize them to further a company brand.

Social media architects usually have some IT knowledge but significant technological experience is not necessary. Instead, a social media architect usually has a background in search engine optimization and online marketing. The principles behind social media architecture are extremely similar to both search engine optimization and traditional advertising campaigns. Many architects will have a background in marketing but be aware of how to properly leverage a social media system.

What Does a Social Media Architect Do?

Social media architects may work with marketing firms or directly with larger corporations. When working with a marketing firm, an architect will usually meet with clients to discuss their needs and consider different marketing tactics. Many architects are very driven individuals who will work solo on projects, while others will work in well-coordinated teams. When working in a team, an architect will often hire content writers to create their social media content. An architect working with a large corporation will follow the same creative process but usually answer to someone within the marketing division of the company.

Social media architects don’t just create a social media system. They must also manage the system effectively. Usually, an architect will need to often check their statistics and marketing data to ensure that their social media campaign is acting in an effective manner and meeting the requirements of the company. Campaigns will need to be revised periodically to remain fresh and to take advantage of any changes in the consumer base.

How Do You Become a Social Media Architect?

Social media architects are usually individuals who have experience with online marketing, usually from an online marketing firm. The field of online marketing has been extremely successful for many years now. Social media demands creativity, intelligence and dedication. Those that can construct campaigns that reach out and target a core demographic in a powerful way will find that they will be very successful within the industry.

An architect may have a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or business. Occasionally they may have a background in web design or web development rather than a marketing background. Either way, social media architects are more experienced than standard social media marketers or search engine optimization analysts. Those wishing to enter into the field will usually need to have a portfolio of prior work that shows they understand the relevant platforms and can reach customers in creative and unique ways.

How Do You Advance as a Social Media Architect?

Social media architects can advance either by the creation of their own firm or by the development of their client base. Many architects will work on their own or with an IT firm on a consulting basis rather than being hired directly with a company. Those that have been in the industry for a long time may have already developed a customer base and may be able to separate from their firm successfully to retain more control in their revenue stream. Those especially proficient may be able to enter into the field of public relations, which is an industry with higher than average growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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