How to Become an Information Technology Vendor Manager

Do you like exploring new products and finding great deals? Are you interested in how IT products come from the developer to your company? A career in information technology vendor management (IT vendor management) might be for you! Here are some more details:


Job Overview
High School or GED
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IT vendor managers test and purchase software and technology for resale or use within their organization. They review suppliers based on product quality, delivery reliability and speed and price. They negotiate contracts, policies and corrective measures with vendors.

Requirements and Qualifications

Most work is done in an office. It is common to travel to conventions, expos or meetings. About 30% of IT vendor managers work overtime as part of their position. Qualities you may want to develop prior to seeking employment include analytical, decision making, math and negotiation skills.

Typical Education

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or a similar field is usually required in this sector, along with some experience in supply chain logistics. High level managerial positions may require a master’s degree.

Steps to Become an Information Technology Vendor Manager

After finishing your educational program, you may want to look at certification from ITIL, an organization dealing with service management for the information technology sector. This certification paired with your degree shows employers that not only are you well trained in vendor management, but that you are also aware of best practices for the business side of the IT industry.

You may also choose to pursue a variety of other certifications aimed specifically at purchasing agents and managers, but do not cover the IT side as thoroughly. These include:

You may also want to consider joining these associations for networking, continuing education and contacts. There is typically about a year’s training in the field and a total of at least five years’ experience as a purchasing agent or buyer prior to taking on managerial responsibilities.

Similar Jobs

If this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out some of the options below. They’re in a similar career track to IT vendor managers.

  • Good with promoting products or companies? Advertising, promotions and marketing managers plan ways to increase interest in a product, sale or event.
  • Got a head for numbers? Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks track expenses, income, depreciation and other financial transactions to create reports on a company’s financial health.
  • Do you have a good understanding of the financial sector? Financial clerks take care of administrative tasks in banks, insurance and investment organizations.
  • What’s for dinner? Food service managers ensure their customers are content with their food and keep restaurants operating smoothly.
  • Like to make people comfortable? Lodging managers keep hotels, resorts and similar enterprises running smoothly, efficiently and comfortable for their guests.
  • Good at scheduling and planning? Logisticians analyze and improve the supply chain that brings goods to their company.
  • Like this, but not technically inclined? Purchasing managers work for enterprises purchasing goods for use by the company or to sell, negotiating contracts, evaluating quality and noting supplier issues.
  • Do you like selling the big contracts? Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives work for wholesalers or manufacturers selling goods to government, businesses, organizations or other agencies.


The average of IT vendor manager’s annual salaries in May 2010 was $95,010. Most individuals in this career path work full time. Approximately 30% of all IT vendor managers worked some amount of overtime.

Job Outlook

Growth in this career path is expected to grow by 7% between 2010 and 2020, slightly slower than the average of all careers, though the specialized niche of IT vendor managers may provide slightly stronger growth.

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