How to Become a Cloud Architect

Do you see the future of internet-based programs and software? Are you interested in mobile applications and technology? You may want to consider a promising career as a cloud architect – read more below!

Job Overview

Bachelor's Degree
1 to 5 years
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Cloud architects create internet-based networks and software availability for all the workers in an organization. This can include telecommuting workers, traditional office workers, mobile sales representatives or service people using mobile applications on a tablet or smartphone and website interfaces as necessary. They plan, present and implement new and upgraded network capabilities for an organization. They study security issues and new technologies to figure out how to best implement new software, hardware and security patches across the network.

Requirements or Qualifications

Most cloud architects are able to work somewhat remotely or otherwise in an office environment. Most positions offer full-time work. A cloud architect must have enough knowledge to help an organization reach its objectives through networking local, wide area and global offices and locations. Vital qualities to develop or hone for this career path include ingenuity, creativity, analytical thinking, concentration, being detail oriented, problem solving and having leadership, teamwork and organizational skills.

Typical Education

As a minimum requirement, a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science, engineering or a similar field. Some employers are now preferring applicants with an MBA. Continuing education is an ongoing process in this career path as new technologies and software appears on the market.

Steps to Become a Cloud Architect

After completing your educational program, gaining some experience in network administration, mobile development or similar areas is helpful. Keeping on top of the latest changes in technology and mobile applications market will keep your skills current.

Similar Jobs

Not sure if that cloud has your idea of a silver lining? Maybe you’re not quite up-to-date on mobile technology. Here are several more career paths similar to this one that you may enjoy:

  • Computer and information research scientists plan, design and build new technology or new uses for existing technology.
  • Are you good at management? Computer and information systems managers provide planning, organization and direction for computer-based operations within their organization.
  • Test, test, test! Computer hardware engineers develop concepts, engineer, build and test a variety of chips, boards and other hardware.
  • Do you prefer a blinking terminal to a GUI interface? Computer programmers write software for a variety of purposes using many different computer languages.
  • Are you always getting calls for computer help? Computer support specialists assist customers or in-house workers with their computer problems.
  • Are you a creative problem solver? Computer systems analysts study existing computer systems or planned expansions and determine how best to increase a company’s computer assets.
  • Are you good at tracking things down? Database administrators store, secure, maintain and recall business records.
  • Do you have an artistic flair? Graphics designers create visual concepts that convey ideas, stories or inspiration.
  • Are you good with a little bit of everything? Network and computer systems administrators provide support for daily computer and network operations in their organizations.
  • Are you a creative problem-solver? Software developers plan and design software packages.
  • Do you have a way with words? Technical writers produce technical data sheets, specifications, instruction manuals and other data-heavy documents


The average annual salary for a cloud architect was $116,250 in May 2010, over triple the average annual wage of all careers. Most cloud architects work full-time.

Job Outlook

Job opportunities for cloud architects are expected to grow faster than the average for all career paths at 22% over the next decade. Opportunities should be favorable due to companies not being able to find sufficient trained personnel. This emerging field is a very promising career path for those who are interested.

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