How to Become a Laser Aesthetician

A laser aesthetician is a highly trained professional that specializes in the use of laser technology for cosmetic purposes. Laser aestheticians may direct laser resurfacing, hair removal, cellulite reduction and other related services. A laser aesthetician does not usually need formal medical training but can still take advantage of the growing cosmetics and medical industries.

What Is a Laser Aesthetician?

How to Become a Laser Aesthetician

A laser aesthetician often, but not always, has a background as an aesthetician.

Laser aestheticians are professionals that specialize in the use of laser procedures for cosmetic purposes. Lasers are extremely versatile tools for treatment and can be used for a variety of procedures, but the use of these machines can be dangerous if the machines are not used properly. A laser aesthetician will usually have on-the-job training regarding these tools and will usually hold some form of higher education.

Professional medical training or licensing is required for laser aestheticians in five states, but otherwise an aesthetician does not need formal training. Certified laser technicians can have any background and the career can make an excellent transitional career for those that come from other industries.

What Does a Laser Aesthetician Do?

A laser aesthetician is usually directed by a medical doctor or by a supervisor within the clinic they are working with. The aesthetician will ordinarily counsel the client on the procedure and prep them for the procedure that is to take place. The machine will then be carefully calibrated based on the procedure the patient desires. Usually during the process of using the machine, the aesthetician will be supervised by someone else.

Laser aestheticians are trained in tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, hair removal, facials, resurfacing and other sought after techniques. After the procedure is done the aesthetician may be called upon to deliver aftercare instructions to the patients and help them with any questions or concerns they have.

How Do You Become a Laser Aesthetician?

A laser aesthetician often, but not always, has a background as an aesthetician. To become a laser aesthetician an individual will need to be trained and receive a laser certification. A laser certification will usually only take about two weeks while aesthetician certification make take anywhere from four months to eight months. A laser aesthetician is usually more attractive to clinics if they have both laser and aesthetician training but it isn’t always necessary.

In Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia and California a laser aesthetician will require additional licensing and may even require advanced medical professional training. In other states, certification with the National Council on Laser Certification will be necessary. Those interested in acquiring their certification will need to pass tests and meet requirements. On-the-job training will also be offered to those new to the industry.

How Do You Advance as a Laser Aesthetician?

Laser aestheticians that do not have their aesthetician certification can easily improve their position by acquiring the certification, which can take as little as a few months of time. Otherwise, advancement as an aesthetician will usually be a factor of seniority. In larger clinics, an aesthetician can advance in salary by working for the clinic for a significant amount of time. They may also eventually have other aestheticians and assistants under them.

Aestheticians interested in moving into other career paths can also go into fields related to medical assistance. This can include dental assistants and other general medical assistants. According to O*Net Online the general field of skincare specialists is growing quickly, and this includes general aestheticians that do not work within the laser industry. It also includes those certified with the application of physical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers.

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