How to Become a Salon Manager

 Love to play with hair, but also love to take control of the bigger picture?  Do you have a good head for business and a great eye for style? A future as a salon manager may be in store for you! Read on for more details:

Job Overview

hair salon manager job

Management and people skills are sought after qualities in a salon manager

Salon managers provide administrative support, basic bookkeeping, scheduling, customer service, marketing and a variety of other business management tasks to a beauty salon or barber shop. You will also often continue to provide a variety of beautification services to their clients during busy times or at specific request of a client, including haircuts, hair styling, color dyes, using products to add or remove curls or waves and many more tasks..

Requirements and Qualifications 

With full time hours, including some evenings, weekends and overtime to meet client schedule needs, salon managers need to be dedicated. You will need to keep a neat appearance, clean work

area and sanitary tools. Salon managers need to groom certain qualities to be successful, including being creative, good listeners, communicate well, have stamina for standing long periods of time and have good time management, customer service, leadership, managerial and problem solving skills.

Typical Education

Salon managers often begin their career as a hairdresser, barber or similar occupation. Training for hairdressers and barbers is typically accomplished through a state-licensed school of cosmetology. Here you will study a variety of topics including hair chemistry and processing, skin care, hairstyling and a multitude of other subjects. These programs are typically offered either as a certificate basis or an associate’s degree. Because of the increased responsibility for a salon manager, pursuing an associate’s degree is your best bet towards a management position, especially if you mix accounting, business and marketing coursework into your degree program.

Steps to Become a Salon Manager

After completing your educational program, you’ll need to take the licensing exam offered through your state before you can begin acting as a hairstylist. After receiving your license, you can begin training at a salon, receiving some on the job training. Requesting more work and responsibility can be great ways to show that you have potential for management material. Working shifts others aren’t willing to also helps. Taking additional coursework or community education programs on bookkeeping and accounting, business management and small business marketing will have you on a fast track to a management position.

Similar Jobs

It could be the smell of hair processing chemicals, or maybe it’s the level of responsibility, but for some reason, this job just doesn’t sound like your thing. That’s all right! Here are some related career paths you may want to explore:

  • Have a thing for a well-painted nail? Manicurists and pedicurists provide nail care and artistry as well as advice and treatment of nail diseases.
  • Want someone to look as lovely without makeup? Skincare specialists give their clients advice, treatments and recommend products to keep them looking their best!
  • Have a taste for good food? Food service managers are responsible for their location’s food quality, dining experience and a variety of other administrative tasks.
  • Like working with guests to the area? Lodging managers make sure that their guests have a comfortable stay while running their establishment efficiently and economically.


Salon managers can expect annual pay higher than average for all careers. You will typically work full time, with some overtime, evening and weekend work required to accommodate client schedules.

Job Outlook

It is expected that job growth in this path will grow about the same as the average for all careers at about 16% for salon managers versus 14% for all careers. Though prospects are good, there can be stiff competition to get into the best salons.

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