How to Become an Electrical & Electronics Installer & Repairman

How to Become an Electrical & Electronics Installer & RepairmanIndividuals who want to become an electrical and electronics installer will need to have a passion in this area of technology. Installers and repair technicians work in homes, businesses, and industrial locations to provide for the many needs of today’s workforce and home life. As a result, there is an ongoing need for skilled technicians in these areas. To become an installer or repairmen like this, individuals will need to invest the time in the proper education and training. Learning as much as you can about the position can also help.

Job Overview

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Though the job is varied, people who work in electrical and electronics have a high level of technology experience. The job they do entails a range of tasks having to do with the mechanical makeup of various systems. In some instances, these individuals work to install massive systems into businesses to ensure that the company’s new computing, electronics devices, or telecommunications work properly. From the installation point of view, these individuals also tend to offer guidance and advice on how to properly put such systems into place. This can be in a commercial setting, but these individuals also offer services in residential areas, too. They may install cable systems or telephone devices. Security systems can also play a role in this person’s job.

From the repairman point of view, individuals in this field work hand in hand with the user to determine what the underlying problem is with a system and then do the work to repair it. They have comprehensive skills that allow the individual to determine the underlying problem based on the symptoms experienced by the user. This process can be somewhat long in that repairs can take some time to flesh out and then fix.

Requirements and Qualifications

Anyone working with electrical components will need to obtain the proper level of education. Each state sets its specific requirements for training and education of those working in this field. However, in many cases, these individuals will hold an electrician’s license. This ensure the individual is performing with skills necessary to safeguard the users of those systems. Qualifications may also require continuing education in some cases.

Typical Educational Requirements

To become an electrical and electronics installer and repairman, individuals will need to first get the education necessary. Most of the people who work in this field will need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. They will then enroll in a trade school to get training. This type of training often encompasses learning electrical function and various components of home construction. Individuals may be able to enroll in a vocational school in their last years of high school to get some of this education.

Individuals complete the education usually within a period of 18 months to 2 years, according to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. This state, like many others, requires that students obtain a specific number of hours of education in various areas of electronics and electrical work. Individuals often will work in an apprenticeship program as well. This ensures the individual is getting the on the job education he or she needs.

Salary and Job Outlook

There is demand for qualified professionals in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that from the period of 2010 through 2020, an estimated 3600 new positions will open up in this field. That is an average rate of growth of three percent. Higher education, ongoing training, and even business ownership can increase demand. The 2010 median pay for an individual working in this field is $49,170, though other factors, including business ownership, can play a role in this amount. Overall, to become an electrical or electronics installer or repair technician, individuals need to have a passion for learning and a willingness to help others.

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