How to Become a Quality Control Inspector

If you have ever dreamed of having a job that you can inspect for accuracy, specificity and quality, then you would like the job of a quality control inspector. A quality control inspector is a person that looks over products and other merchandise to make sure that there is no problems or issue. These skilled workers also review details make sure that things are made the way they should be according to regulated specifications. If you are looking for the way to become a quality control inspector, then here are the steps that you will need to take.

How to Become a Quality Control Inspector
High School or GED
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  • The first step to become a quality control inspector you will want to finish your high school education. You will want to try and take classes that deal with computer design and even trade within the industrial field. Look into taking courses that deal with the sciences and classes that improve investigative and analytical skills.
  • You will want to find work that is related to the field so you can gain the experience that you need to make the move into the position.
  • While you are working in the field of study you will also want to take higher education classes to better your understanding of the field. Some classes that you will want to focus on deal with the reading of gauges, computer training, reading of blue prints, safety courses and even quality control classes.
  • Once you have received the education you need take the time to find a company that is hiring. Some companies will end up training their own inspectors while they are working. They will train them in the techniques and the methods that they use to produce quality check methods.
  • Get your certification that you will need. Certification can be obtained through organizations like the American Society for Quality. Organizations like these offer certification to better and to enhance the way the work is done.

What You Can Expect as a Quality Control Inspector

As a quality control inspector there are certain things that you can expect in this position.

  • As a quality inspector you can come to expect an average salary of around $33,030 per year with an average $15.88 per hour while on the job. As of 2010 there were 416,100 jobs positions available. Over the next 10 years there is expected growth of eight percent which averages to an additional 33,300 jobs.
  • Your work environment will be different as to the industry in which you work. Expect full time hours and specific job assignments.
  • Look forward to on the job training with the occasional training of new technology and methods.

Additional Skills for a Quality Control Inspector

Some qualities that you will want to develop along the way may include.

  • As an inspector you will want to be able to notice and remove merchandise that does not meet the standard.
  • You will need to have strong math skills and, in some cases, computer knowledge. There must be a knowledge of how to calibrate devices and know how to calculate the details of certain devices.
  • There must also be the ability to use special tools and the ability to learn how to use machines while testing the merchandise for the set standard.
  • Quality inspectors will need to be able to lift heavy objects so it is a good idea to be in fairly good health. The ability to endure long standing periods and long hours should be a part of the qualities of an inspector.
  • Each inspector must be able to pay special attention to detail and be able to recognize when an object does not meet up to the set standard.

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