How to Become a Carpet Installer

How to Become a Carpet InstallerBeing a carpet installer can be a great job for those that aren’t afraid of a little technical work. A carpet installer is the person who is hired by commercial enterprises as well as residential buildings to install carpet. If hired by a person that has a contractor’s license, a carpet installer does not require one of their own. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one can become a carpet installer without a high school degree and the median pay is up to $36,090 per year. However, those that do have at least a trade degree in construction can also branch out into other fields and have significant opportunities for advancement. Trade degrees can often be obtained through community colleges and even online degree programs.

What Do Carpet Installers Do?
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Carpet installation can be deceptively complex. A carpet installer needs to be very familiar with a large amount of tools so that they can quickly and effectively install carpet. Due to the fact that carpet installation is usually an hourly job, carpet installers that can complete jobs very quickly are prized by their employers. At the same time, carpet installation needs to be extremely precise. Carpets need to be installed with the right amount of tension, and a certain amount of expertise goes into determining whether or not a job is correct. As an example, installing certain types of carpet on certain types of padding will increase wear, and these are things clients may need to know.

How to Become a Carpet Installer

Becoming a carpet installer is usually as simple as applying for a position. Carpet installation companies will provide on-the-job training in regards to the field, or you can get an associate’s degree or trade degree in construction. You will need to be strong, agile and capable of following directions if you wish to succeed at carpet installation. Speed is paramount, but it is not required at the beginning as you will get better and faster with time. As you go into carpet installation, you can also branch into other associated areas of construction such as laying down floors, painting and making other home renovations. All of these skills can eventually make you quite successful.

Advancing as a Carpet Installer

While just becoming a carpet installer usually just involves on the job training, those that truly want to advance in the carpet installation industry may want to get their degree. The carpet installation field is expected to grow 10 percent throughout 2010 and 2020, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for advancement and new jobs. Getting a degree within the field will allow you to become a supervisor, and getting a business degree may allow you to start your own carpet installation company. When starting a carpet installation company, you will usually need to get licensed and you may need to procure business loans. Both of these things can be helped with the aid of a business degree or a technical degree within the field.

Degree Programs for Carpet Installation

Any general construction program will be well-suited to carpet installation, and will also help developing your techniques further into other areas of construction and home renovation. As the real estate market is currently bouncing back, construction and home renovation is also very likely to see a steady and reliable increase of work. Your prospective clients include new buildings, buildings being renovated, homes, apartments, office units and more. Carpet installation is one of the most common renovations because it is also one of the most affordable renovations, and it is one of the easiest ways to make an old property appear like new. According to, approximately 42% of the carpet installers out there are self-employed, but this is only possible if you have the knowledge a degree or significant experience can impart.

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