How to Become a Skincare Specialist

How to Become a Skincare SpecialistWorking as a skincare specialist can be a very rewarding career. In this field, individuals get to work one-on-one with clients providing for their needs. They often can help to solve embarrassing problems, soothe discomfort, and help people feel good about themselves. Individuals in this field are not medical doctors and they do not have medical degrees. Rather, they work alongside cosmetologists and other beauty-related workers to provide improved looks and texture to an individual. People who want to become a skin care specialist will need to learn as much as possible about this field and what it can offer to them.

Job Overview

According to, people working as a skincare specialist provide treatment and care to a person’s skin, but they do this without having a goal of improving health. Rather, the goal is to improve the way a person’s skin looks and feels. Some do this to help reduce the signs of aging. Others want to get rid of uneven coloring or scars. The job of this professional, then, is to identify the problem and then to work towards finding a treatment option that can help to reduce the unwanted look.

These individuals often work in salons and in hair locations. Some work in medical offices, such as in plastic surgery offices providing non-medical services. Many other people work in beauty spas. Some will work in the evening and on weekends, which is the most common since this is when many people seek out these services. Some people end up owning their own salons or shops whereas others work under doctors or other salon owners.

Requirements and Qualifications

To work as a skincare specialist, individuals will need to obtain an education through a trade school or vocational school. There are specific schools for these skills. In some states, there are licensing and certification requirements. In other states this does not exist. Most individuals will need to have a significant amount of education before being able to work with clients.

Related Fields

Individuals working as skin care specialists often have other skills as well. Estheticians, who are individuals who provide skin care treatment including waxing procedures, fall into this area. Individuals may also work as cosmetologists, providing hair care. Still other people in this field also work to provide services such as massage, nail care, and beauty care. Each of these fields may require additional education and training.

Typical Education

Individuals will need to have their GED or their high school diploma to work in this field. They will need to attend either a vocational or trade school, completed the coursework required, and sit for a state-mandated test. This is true in most cases, but some differences occur from one state to the next. Individuals may need to get on the job training as well. This will help the individual to learn how to use chemicals, skin care products, and to provide various services. Some students also learn business management skills which help them to establish their own business.

Job Outlook and Salary

People who want to become skincare specialists will want to know if there is a demand for people in this field. The good news is yes, there is. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that a 25 percent growth, which is considered faster than average, is likely to occur in this field between 2010 and 2020. This is an increase of about 11,700 jobs in that timeframe in this field.

In terms of salary, the 2010 median pay in this field was $28,920 or $13.90 per hour. Individuals who own their own salons or provide other services may earn more than this and those just starting out in the field may earn significantly less.

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