How to Become a Steeplejack

A Steeplejack is a specialized, highly-skilled, and unique position.  Many Steeplejack careers allow workers to work on top of buildings and tall structures in order to build or refurbish high defined structures such as a steeple or clock tower. If climbing and working on buildings is something that you like to do, then here are some steps that you will want to take.

How to Become a Steeplejack

  • The very first step to becoming a steeplejack is to finish your high school education. You will want to either get your GED or your diploma. Focus on taking classes that will help you learn basic construction skills and attention to detail.
  • While earning your high school education take the time to also learning the skill of rope climbing and repelling. The steeplejack professions requires a person to climb and hang at great heights. They are usually people that work on high structures such as steeples and chimneys.
  • Think about going to a trade school in order to learn the basic’s of stone and other material type of construction. An apprenticeship program is a great way to learn the trade and some of the skills needed to master the craft.
  • Once you have finished your training go ahead and apply for a steeplejack position. The more you know about repairing construction material and other devices the better chance you have of getting hired.

What Employers are Looking for in a Steeplejack Professional

  • Employers are looking for people who can think through complex repair situations on their own. The person must be able to decide the best course of action while they are suspended in the air.
  • As a steeplejack you must be able to use climbing equipment and put together certain rigging devices.
  • An employee must be able to work with others and work well in a structured environment. You will want to work on skills that help you work in a group setting.
  • A person must also be able to read blueprints and diagrams in order to make the repairs necessary to the job site.
  • You must be able to lift medium weight loads and be able to scale over places that less than level.

What You can Come to Expect as a Steeplejack

As a steeplejack there are certain things that you can come to expect in order to become the best employee that you can. Here are some things that the job profession brings with it.

  • As a steeplejack you can expect to see an average salary of around $49,000 per year depending on the area of the country you live in.
  • Expect to work at varying heights from ground level to several meters in the air. You may also have to stand for long periods of time depending on the work environment that you are working at.
  • You may also have to put together various types of working platforms such as scaffolding, decks and other suspension devices.
  • Plan on having to lift and carry heavy objects to great heights and in some cases distances.
  • Your work area will vary by job location. In some cases you may have to work high in the air or you may have to work at ground level.

Becoming a steeplejack is a notable job profession that has a great future. As more and more structures age there will be a need to have someone repair the structure. Take the time to learn all you can about the different types of repairs needed to finish repairing different construction surfaces.

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