How to Become an Interior Designer

How to Become an Interior DesignerWorking in the interior design field can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Many people who want to become an interior designer have no idea how to get into the field and do well in it. It can be a competitive job and one that requires a lot of hard work and good opportunities to help make it a successful career. Yet, there are plenty of reasons to work in this field, especially if you are artistic, willing to work to meet goals, and interested in working directly with clients to meet their needs.

Job Overview

Bachelor's Degree
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The job of an interior designer is not just to paint walls and decorate rooms. Rather, the job of this professional is to create the lifestyle and beauty in a space that fits the client’s specific needs. Often, the hardest part of this job is knowing what the client is searching for and to create a space that works to fill those specific needs. Individuals who work in this field work hand-in-hand with clients to alter the look of a space to meet the needs of those who use it.

Interior designers do decorate and design spaces for homes, but this is only a fraction of what they do. Most will work closely with businesses to design aesthetic spaces that allow for the flow of movement through it. They work with architects and builders to create spaces that meet specific needs as well. Often times, their job revolves around finding and creating spaces within a budget that skill function and look the way the user wishes them to work.

Requirements and Qualifications

To work as an interior designer, individuals need to have the ability to satisfy their client’s needs. According to the American Society of Interior Designers, to do this job, individuals must be able to plan a space and to render a plan visually so that the client can understand the concept he or she is working towards. He or she must consider materials, textures, budget, lighting, color, and space usage to design that area.

In order to provide these skills, individuals need to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. It may be possible to take some of these courses through an online bachelor’s degree program. However, to work in most businesses, individuals will need to have at least this level of education.

Typical Education

A bachelor’s degree in interior design is a requirement for most people in this position because it is what employers want from new employees. Individuals will need to focus their education, too. Some do this by focusing on learning commercial aspects of interior design. Others focus on working in a specific field, such as healthcare. Still others work in fields that are more challenging, such as historic renovations. Education is often focused in these areas.

Additionally, education is math, sciences, and in architectural design are also necessary. These skills help individuals to manage tasks like measurements and color combinations.

Salary and Job Outlook

To become an interior designer, individuals need to consider their passion for the process. The good news is that there are many jobs available in this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10,900 jobs will be added to the field over the period of 2010 through 2020. That is at a rate of 19 percent growth, or about as fast as average for a career.

Individuals working in this field will earn based on skill and education. The 2010 median pay in the field was $46,280 per year. Individuals who own their own business or who have a proven record in the field are able to earn more. Additionally, those living in areas such as New York tend to earn more.

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