Who Takes Online Courses?

Online learning opportunities are growing rapidly.  Millions of students are taking classes online, both for the convenience and also for the overall value they provide.  Taking online classes has never been easier, with countless resources at your fingertips, almost anytime.  The education that you need can now fit into your busy lifestyle.

Millions of students have already benefitted from the online learning experience, especially those that must continue working or have busy family schedules.  Online learning is a fantastic way to ensure you have the career-focused education that is right for you anywhere and anytime you need it.  The bottom line is that people from almost every walk of life are realizing the value of online learning – and so can you.


An important note on online learning – it may not be for everyone.  Those that need a structured, traditional learning process, or perhaps students that are seeking a traditional college experience, may chose to attend a brick & mortar university or college.  However, for many, the flexibility, availability and quality of online learning makes for an easy decision.


Some characteristics of successful online learners are:

  • Commitment to Learning Online – Online learners must be dedicated to pursue their education.  When studying, learning, and doing homework from home, temptations exist, and it’s up to the student to focus on their education.
  • Motivated to Learn  – Those that prioritize learning by actively participate in their courses and prioritize their learning will do well with online learning.  Making sure assignments are completed on time, and reaching out to professors or peers when in need of a little help will assist students in their online studies.
  • Disciplined Approach to Learning – Setting goals and priorities can help organize and provide guidance to online students.  When attending class online, goals can maintain your motivation and attention.
  • Self-Starting Learning Style – A naturally intellectual curiosity most certainly will help when attending courses online.  The initiative to keep up with their coursework without being prompted is a cornerstone to online success.
  • Comfortable Using Technology – As much of your learning will take place online, either watching videos, reading articles, researching topics, communicating with your professor, or participating in online team meetings, it helps to be proficient in using basic technology.  If you’re here already – you’re probably there already!
  • Willing to Openly Communicate – Online education has created a vast amount of tools to help students communicate with professors, fellow classmates, teaching assistants and small group teams.   The ability to clearly and openly communicate within your class is a great benefit.
  • Humble – Courses online are designed to stretch your knowledge and place you on the edge of your learning comfort zone.  A great online student asks for help and utilizes the tools available to become educated.  Seeing out course resources, as well as all those available online, can lead to a great online learning experience.


Many students swear by learning online – many citing the opportunity as revolutionary.  Others feel that the convenience and flexibility allow for web-based courses to provide education they would otherwise forgo.  Evaluate your personal situation, and think about your learning style and preferences.  Take advantage of resources that are available to you – education-focused articles, free courses and Web College Search’s online learning search tools.

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