Why Online vs. Brick and Mortar Schools

Students now have more choices for their education than ever.  Not only are more degrees offered by our educational institutions, but also today’s student comes first in the education process.  Students have the opportunity to enroll at a variety of institutions that can provide an accredited, excellent education – both online and at a traditional “brick & mortar” institution.

Education has never been better – many colleges and universities offer classes tailored to your educational preference, to support your career and your education path.  But you should be careful to choose the best educational opportunity for you – that means seriously evaluating what type of school is right for you.

Online colleges and universities offer a tremendous learning opportunity for the right student.  Specifically, they offer the following:

  • Online colleges allow you to control your time.  Online courses can be viewed and taken whenever you’d like.  Students are free to learn when they want to, at a time that’s best for them.  When you’re working, or family focused, this allows for you to take control of your life.
  • A majority of your direct learning materials are easily accessible online.  Lectures, course materials, homework, and problem sets are organized, clear and available 24×7.  You’ll have easy access to the learning materials you need to succeed.  Further, discussion boards and other collaboration tools are ready at your fingertips to enhance your learning ability like never before.
  • Because of the unique nature of online learning, online students have direct access to their professors through their online resources and communication tools.  Learning from the experts has never been easier.
  • Online courses promote a less disruptive lifestyle. Specifically, an online student does not have to move to attend a university in another state, away from work, family and friends.
  • Online education is generally less expensive than other forms of education.  While tuition varies greatly, some online institutions tuition costs less than traditional schools, allowing for less financial impact to your life.  Further, money is saved on commuting and housing as well.  And in many cases, you have the ability to keep your job while you learn and advance your career.
  • Online learning opportunities are career focused.  Many online courses are developed with the intent of providing targeted learning opportunities that could advance your career.
  • Online education inspires a student with a self-starter style – encouraging skills that are required by today’s workforce.  Guided learning results in excellent training for post-graduate careers.
  • Some programs offer superior control over the content and information learned, which can be directly tailored to a specific career path.  Control over programs has never been better.

Others students may be more suited for classes at a traditional, brick & mortar college or university.  Some reasons may include:

  • Traditional colleges mandate in-person classes that require attendance and participation.  In some cases this potentially encourages greater student accountability, creating a significantly more structured learning process.
  • Some colleges create additional opportunities for building your personal network through outside of classroom interaction through living in dormitories with other students or participating in extracurricular activities.
  • Some students may prefer direct interaction with faculty offered by traditional colleges, including in-person office hours which are not provided by some online universities.
  • Also, some traditional, brick & mortar colleges can be more prestigious due to their histories, graduate research programs, medical facilities and direct community involvement.
  • And finally, some may prefer a full, traditional college experience, including dorm room living, on site athletic events, eating ramen noodles and participating in extracurricular activities.

The bottom line is that the student has more learning options than ever before.  While it’s up to you, the student, to find the best school for your learning needs, Web College Search is here to help you in your decision to find the best education available to you!

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