How to Become an Executive Director of Facility Operations & Entertainment

If you want to obtain one of the highest possible positions within a facility, a career as an executive director of facility operations and entertainment might be the best choice for you. Directors have a large amount of responsibility but are rewarded with flexible times and high rates of pay.

What Is an Executive Director of Facility Operations and Entertainment?

How to Become an Executive Director of Facility Operations & Entertainment

Not all companies have an executive director that manages both facility operations and entertainment.

Not all companies have an executive director that manages both facility operations and entertainment. Some companies may have one or the other and other companies might have both.

A director of operations is very similar to a general manager and will manage all of the day to day operations of a company, including its marketing, revenue, personnel and more. A director of entertainment may need to manage any events and other promotional activities that are involved with the company.

An executive director is usually on the top of the chain of command and will usually have a division of people under them. Because of this, it is very important that the executive director know how to lead and delegate.

Often, the director will need to determine problems, issues or strategies and leave it up to his or her assistants to actually carry them out. This also means that the director needs to be very good at training staff and identifying responsible staff members.

What Does an Executive Director of Facility Operations & Entertainment Do?

The executive director will often need to reference reports and forms to analyze the performance of the company and determine any areas that could be improved. The director will need to find new strategies and create exciting developments that can improve the company’s revenue overall.

Executive directors of facility operations will need to be very conscientious about the facility itself, its budget, its maintenance and its management.

Those that handle entertainment may work with an event planner or may work alone to create entertainment options. The executive director may need to interface with many other directors or may work entirely alone. They will usually have a budget they need to follow, however, and may need to justify any alterations to the budget to a board or to an owner.

How Do You Become an Executive Director of Facility Operations & Entertainment?

The executive director will need to have many years of experience within the field. They should also have a background with the company itself, though this is not strictly necessary. Most executive directors will have either a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in a field related to entertainment, operations or business.

High School or GED
1 to 5 years
Find Related CareersSOURCE: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
The executive director may work their way up from being a director, assistant director, manager or assistant manager. There are many management occupations that pay very highly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that could be used as a stepping stone.

Many companies have very clear rates of promotion and many executive directors may be able to ascend up these ranks simply through longevity. However, an executive director needs to show that they are stable, loyal and can handle the position and build and lead a team. Without these core skills, longevity will not matter.

How Do You Advance as an Executive Director of Facility Operations & Entertainment?

Executive director is one of the highest titles those in any industry can obtain. However, those that want to move even beyond this may be able to secure positions in higher paying companies as long as they can show that they were a valuable resource to their prior company. This includes improving the company’s revenue stream, staying under budget, working well with employees and working well with peers.

Networking can also be very beneficial in this field. You could also enter into related fields, such as operations manager. In certain companies, this may be more lucrative depending on revenue. O*Net Online lists operations management as a fairly lucrative field.

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