How to Become a Data Modeler

Data modeling is an interesting field that involves the application of science, technology and marketing. Data modelers will often work closely in coordination with companies and advertising departments to create data that can become useful to the enterprise.

What is a Data Modeler?

A data modeler works with a company to determine their data needs. Different companies and different industries need to track different subsets of data to remain efficient, effective and profitable. The data modeler needs to be aware of the most current data modeling technology and needs to be extremely technically proficient. However, the modeler also needs to understand the basics of business and often advertising. Many data modelers will need to be proficient in popular CRM and ERP systems, as this is where much of the data will usually come from.

Data modelers need to be able to clean up old data, fix errors and consolidate data in a way that it can be used to reliably formulate conclusions. Many modelers will also need to develop strategies for acquiring the information the company needs. Sometimes this can involve the development of new systems or finding creative methods to gather the data.

What Does a Data Modeler Do?

Many data modelers will work either with a consulting firm or directly with the company. The first step a data modeler takes will usually be to determine the needs of a company. If the company already has a data model in place, the modeler may analyze this system to ascertain whether or not the current system is suiting the company’s needs. The modeler will then usually propose a system or changes to the existing system.

Once the business and technology plan has been created, it may be up to the modeler to actually implement the plan. Otherwise, the modeler may work with an IT professional or IT team to put together a system that will accurately bring in the necessary data. Data modelers work with a vast variety of industries and systems and have above average mobility within IT and marketing industries.

How Do You Become a Data Modeler?

A data modeler will often have a Bachelor’s Degree in a computer science field, statistical analysis field or even a marketing field. Data modelers often already have experience with data modeling solutions or with industries that are heavy on data collection and statistics. However, a data modeler does not necessarily have to have either education or experience: one can be used to compensate for the other. Career paths in online marketing may sometimes turn into data modeling careers, and the reverse can also be true. Data modelers may also have backgrounds in database administration, a fairly diverse field noted by O*Net Online to be growing.

Data modelers will most often work with consulting firms, but they can also work for the marketing and analysis departments of larger corporations. Data modelers that become very successful may be able to work on their own on a consultancy basis, but this occurs less often in the field of data modeling than in other IT fields.

How Do You Advance as a Data Modeler?

Data modelers can advance by being successful in their projects. A data modeler can eventually head their own department or become the manager of an IT firm that specializes in data modeling or data marketing. A modeler may also be able to work in a related field, such as online marketing, which have the potential for very high pay rates. Data modelers that work directly with a company may advance primarily based on seniority and the success rate of their projects. Overall, data modeling is a very broad field that includes entry-level positions as well as extremely specialized professional positions. One related field is the field of database analysis, which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics features a high rate of pay and many job opportunities.

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