How to Become a Blockmason

How to Become a BlockmasonBlock masonry, brick masonry and stonemasonry are all highly specialized skills that can be developed into excellent careers. Those that are interested in entering into the field of being a block mason will find that they can advance to a median of $45,410 a year, according to the Board of Labor Statistics. Many block masons can start out fresh from high school, but advancement may later require a degree. A block mason needs to be very conscientious, physically strong and intelligent. Apprenticeships usually form the basis of a block mason career. The job outlook for this possession is reported to be a 40% growth in the next decade, which is astoundingly fast and paves the way for quick career development.

What Does a Block Mason Do?
High School or GED
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A block mason will need to do many things during the construction of a product. A block mason, also known as a brick mason or a brick layer, will need to read blueprints to determine how the bricks are to be laid. Block masons will need to construct walls and floors and sometimes whole buildings, and they may also construct features such as chimneys, fireplaces or even large barbecues. The amount of things that a block mason can do is fairly diverse, as it encompasses any structure that is composed chiefly of blocks and bricks. When starting out, a block mason will usually apprentice under a professional and will chiefly be laying the brick as directed. As the block mason advances, they will become in charge of a larger portion of the block laying project.

How to Become a Block Mason

A block mason only requires a high school degree or GED in order to start. After a block mason gets their high school degree they can approach the possibility of an apprenticeship. Since the industry is booming, this might not be difficult. However, getting an associate’s degree or trade degree in either construction or block masonry is an excellent way to begin a block mason’s career. These are two year degree programs that often encompass an apprenticeship and also allow the mason to begin at a higher level of pay. According to US News, there are also three or four year programs that also involve on-the-job experience. Block masons are often union workers, which accounts for the high rate of pay, safety benefits and job benefits. Block masons generally have a very good rate of employment, though the job can be physically demanding.

Advancing as a Block Mason

For those that wish to advance as a block mason, it’s usually imperative to get a degree. A degree will enable a block mason to become a supervisor and eventually to own their own company. A degree can also be essential for beginners so that they can learn how to read blueprints and learn the intricacies of block masonry. Many block walls will be supporting walls, which means that it is required to understand how to calculate the load that will be on the wall and to construct the wall in the appropriate way. Those that wish to evolve into other construction areas can also consider becoming stonemasons or other aspects of construction. A worker that diversifies will become more useful, and can again eventually start their own construction company.

Succeeding as a Block Mason

Succeeding as a block mason often requires that you be very strong and very capable. Strength is one of the primary skills that a block mason needs to have, because the labor is very physically demanding. You’ll also want to make sure that you are conscientious and that you can accurately follow the directions that you’re given, because mistakes can be quite costly in this industry. Showing leadership traits will be an excellent way to advance throughout this career, and showing the initiative required to get an education will also be valuable. Many block masons eventually become self-employed after their apprenticeship, and this can offer substantial freedom to do what you desire on your own time.

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